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Monster Chords - September, 2017


Monster Chords has just gotten bigger and better, now featuring composer mode! Composer mode is a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly tool that lets you create your own songs. Choose the tempo, drag and drop the chords to start making music! Upload your own songs and share them with your friends! Download Monster Chords now!


Monster Chords is a new and one-of-a-kind way to learn the guitar and the ukulele!  The app makes learning every chord a fun challenge, and it removes the tedium that can come with music learning by making it a game! Perfect for beginners of all ages!  It has also been certified by the Kokoa Standard evaluation, which has been validated by Helsinki University educational researchers, reviews edtechs in accordance to pedagogical and learning engagement parts based on 21st century skills and Finnish understanding of efficient learning.




Slashy Chords - Be the hero with your guitar! (Coming REALLY Soon!)

Play as Samurai, the sole protector of the town of Harmonia from the monsters of Noise.  Journey through different levels battling monsters that hopes to devour all the musical crystals of the land.  

Slashy Chords is a game like no other!  Unlike other apps, Slashy Chords can only be played with a guitar. And unlike other music apps on the market, Slashy Chords is truly a game of strategy and reflex.  By playing the chords indicated on your guitar, Samurai will slash away at the monsters.  Through successful battles with multiple monsters, combos can be unleashed at the hordes of monsters when the time comes.  

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Dalton Learning Lab - DIY Ukulele Giveaways!

To support of the Open Day of The Dalton Learning Lab in Hong Kong, Chord Hero is giving away a set of DIY Ukulele Kits!  These ukuleles allow dis to learn to personalize and build their own ukulele before moving on to learning it through Monster Chords. 

The Dalton Learning Lab is a new establishment that aims to give young kids an opportunity to learn the necessary skills that would make them future ready.  For more info, please check out their website at or RSVP their Open Day event at