Music is great for a child, but hard & expensive

The benefits of music learning for children are many - for example, music learning is associated with improved academic performance, confidence, and ability to concentrate. The science is clear: learning music is highly beneficial for children.

Unfortunately the investment required places music beyond the reach of many families and children: learning to play an instrument is difficult, music practice is long and tedious, and musical instruments and tuition can be very expensive.

We created Chord Hero to change all that by offering a low-cost, good quality guitar and the companion mobile app Monster Chords to teach all kids how to play (app sold separately).


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Chord Hero Strummer is a 36-inch steel-string acoustic guitar, in a mid-range size suitable for both children and adults. With a built-in pickup, 3-band equalizer, and output jack, this guitar is ready for everything from casual jamming to music recording or live performances.

The Chord Hero Strummer has a body made of mahogany and spruce wood for a clear, high-quality sound. Check out the full specifications and review of Chord Hero Strummer!

Chord Hero Strummer is available at an introductory price starting from $59*.


Not just another low-cost guitar

Cheap guitars are usually made of lindenwood/basswood, a type of wood with a wide range of quality - in the case of cheap acoustic guitars, the quality is almost always poor. But Chord Hero Strummer is made of mahogany and spruce, wood types that provide a much better quality range and are well regarded in the world of guitars.

Chord Hero Strummer has the sound quality and the features of a guitar typically costing three or four times its price.

Chord Hero Strummer is available in a series of strikingly attractive glossy colours: Pirate Black, Hot Pink, Sky Blue, Volcano Red, Supercar Yellow, and Deepest Purple. It also comes with custom light strings that are gentle on the fingers of beginners. The strings are colour-coded to match the tutorials provided in the companion app Monster Chords, making it even easier for beginners to learn to play.


Free accessories!

Chord Hero Strummer comes with accessories for beginners including a carrying strap, finger protectors, guitar picks, and a 12-pack of glitter pens to express your creativity and individuality by personalising your guitar! If you mess up, simply wipe the guitar with a wet cloth and start again!



Monster Chords: the game that teaches kids to play guitar

Monster Chords is the game app for iPhone and iPad that makes learning guitar both fun AND easy. Based on sophisticated chord-recognition technology built by Uberchord, Monster Chords listens to and analyses your playing, providing instant feedback to improve your guitar skills. Because it's a fun and cute game, Monster Chords effectively eliminates the boredom of music learning and repetitive music practice! Perfect for beginners of any age!

New content is added monthly to teach practical principles of rhythm, chord progression, harmony, and music theory, all packaged as an appealing mobile game.

Note: Monster Chords is sold separately (not included with Chord Hero Strummer).



Chord Hero Tips: let the professionals guide you

The Chord Hero Tips series provides tips and pointers from professional guitarists . Meet Tyson Ritesh, a guitarist and guitar teacher with more than 10 years of experience.  Tyson will explain how to master the basics of guitar playing, presenting many useful tips in a simple and practical way that beginners can grasp easily and quickly. Coming soon!


*Base cost for Pirate Black; other colour editions are an extra $10. Shipping costs excluded. Local taxes may apply. Allow at least 6 weeks for delivery. Images provided for reference only, final product may vary slightly.